I have been a collector for the past 40+ years and have been working FULL TIME buying & selling old toys and model railways over the past 30 years. Please note, I don't have another job... this is what I do, seven days a week, all hours of the day. No distractions, just old toys and trains. So you can expect a prompt and an informed response in any dealings with me.

Throughout the 90s I operated a mail order business called the Toy & Model Collectors' (TMC) Market which brought together more than 3000 New Zealand toy & train collectors. In the last 30 years I have supplied many thousands of toys & trains to satisfied customers all over the world...from single wagons to important antique toy locos.

I am a very well-known, established vintage toy & train specialist in New Zealand. I have been very active in the past 30 years. I am here to advise on any model train queries you may have. So please contact me in confidence if you are thinking of selling, I’m sure I can help. Email me.

Collector, specialist, enthusiast... Nigel


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